Cold Process Soap - Fresh Spiced

Cold Process Soap - Fresh Spiced

Productcode: CPSoap-Spice

Fresh Spiced Butter Soap

A touch of the exotics! Tangy lime with warm undertones of cinnamon and clove transport the imagination to warmer climes. Each bar has a scattering of poppy seeds, clove studs and star anise pods.

Each of the natural oils in our soaps bring its own qualities to the final bar. With extra quantities of cocoa butter and shea butter, the formula for our Fresh Butter Soaps is designed to give a quick, thick, creamy lather, to be rich, mild and moisturising, for the bar to be hard enough to stay firm on your soap drainer and to be long lasting. We also make sure we add enough essential oil for you to enjoy the soap scent right to the last slither.

Our soaps are made entirely by hand using the artisan cold process method, combining plant oils with a lye solution, essential oils and a variety of extracts. Our original range of soaps are wholly natural using the best of what nature has to offer.

  • Ingredients:

    Sodium palmate,Sodium cocoate,Sodium olivate,
    Sodium sunflowerate,Sodium Cocoa butterate,Sodium castorate,
    Butyrospermum parkii,Citrus aurantifolia,Cinnamomum 
    zeylanicum,Eugenia caryphyllus,Papaver Somniferum seed,
    Limonene*,Linalool*,Citral*,Eugenol*,Benzyl benzoate,Cinnamal* 

    *present in essential oils.