Freshwater pearls are typically found in lakes and rivers in China. In recent years, the quality of Freshwater pearls has drastically improved and has resulted in beautiful pearls that are cleaner, rounder, and more lustrous. Due to their mass production, freshwater pearls are also popular for their affordable price points. Freshwater pearl sizes typically range from 5mm to 10mm, though they are often available in larger sizes up to 13mm.

Freshwater pearls offer more variety in size, shape, and color than any other type of pearl. Perfectly formed and with a nacre layer which give them a mirror-like luster, Vintage Belle Pearls are the most affordable pearls around.

you're looking for a unique gift or an extra special valentine or birthday present? 
By purchasing precious pearls for your friend or loved one you are not just giving them a thoughtful present, but also a wealth of memories to enjoy for years to come. A unique jewel is the gift that keeps on giving!

It doesn't stop there. Vintage Belle offer a wealth of gift ideas for anyone searching for a more unusual present. 

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